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Highly Recommend!

"Michelle helped me tackle my garage and gave me hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel. She was very diplomatic when she explained that not everyone has a realistic idea of how long the job takes -- which was true for me today! But I look forward to having her come back and help me finish the job. Highly recommend!"

Kimberly F.

A Great Experience

"Becky worked with my teenage son to accomplish his room-cleaning and organization project. He had a great experience working with her, and not only made excellent progress in getting and staying organized, but learned a lot about the obstacles that were standing in his way, and strategies he can use for the future."

Lisa S.

Makes organization possible and positive!

"I very much enjoyed working with Becky. She is a very caring and helpful organizer. She helped me start a basement reorganization. Parting with family belongings is difficult enough, but Becky's non-judgmental and practical methods made the days outcomes worthwhile and positive."

"Thanks for making the experience so positive. Appreciate your spirit and kindness!"

M.B., Monticello, IL

Same Day Results

"Garage cleared, completely organized, and there was finally room for cars! Reasonable rates are worth every penny."

Carla M.

Helpful, personal.... exactly what I needed!

"Becky and her crew have been an AMAZING help! We have gotten so much done.... they know exactly how to help me tackle what would otherwise be incredibly overwhelming."

Danielle K.

"My experience working with Organize my Clutter was excellent! Becky was professional, friendly, and creative in coming up with storage options. I didn't feel like she used a cookie cutter approach, but instead made sure her solutions would work for my family. The purging process was difficult but she was very positive, nonjudgmental and had a great sense of humor. I didn't know Becky, but felt like I had a friend by the time the whole process was complete. I would highly recommend Organize My Clutter."

Kelly N.

"Becky and her team are amazing! I had no idea when I set out on the day we worked together many years ago that I would cry through letting parts of my past go and heal from wounds I didn't realize I still carried. Becky kindly ushered me through the wreckage and onto a tidy organized solution that was as pretty as brand new bling! If something in your world just seems like you need a hand - consider asking for help from an expert and very compassionate team, organize my clutter is your local solution."

Lisa O.

"It has been a busy week for me. Yesterday was particularly stressful; but is a great way! We hired Organize My Clutter to help Rodger clean out our 3 car garage while I was at work. 7 hours later it is nearly done. Just lots to haul away to the dump and recycle and some boxes to go in the attic. I cannot be happier with the help these ladies gave us. AND I could not be more proud of Rodger Watts for sticking with it and seeing it through. Will post a pic after the job is officially finished and cars are in the garage!!"

Kendra W.

"Jessica is a great asset to this company! She arrives early. She is friendly and happy. She leads the purging process with care and concern. She is easy to work with and makes it feel like fun, even when it's hard! I appreciate her solutions as well."

Angie K.

"Just had to tell you. Our garage that was so cluttered that we couldn't even walk in from either end, a few short months ago, is totally purged, cleaned and now emptied, and even before our moving day! The 25% that was kept is in storage waiting for our new home. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement."

Paulette P.

"Thank you for speaking to our MOPS group today. You had many helpful suggestions. I am working on my mobile file right now and my closet is next!!"

Mandy F.

"Awesome I had Organize My Clutter help me and I learned a lot of information about organization. Becky is awesome!!!"

Linda B.

They have been amazing. They have changed my life. She was able to see solutions that never would have occurred to me. Very effective and professional.

Suzy D.

"Becky gets my strongest recommendation. As an organizer she is superb! I have finally been able to find a rational system to keep my home office and kitchen organized which has not only made me more productive, it has seriously reduced my stress levels to the point that it is a joy to be at home which is now a true refuge. Becky is very agreeable, highly personable and professional. Besides being extremely efficient, her rates were more than reasonable, and I would use her services again in a flash. Many thanks!"

Elizabeth, Sherman, IL

Their service will save you time in the long run. The quality is definitely worth the price.

Waleed J.

They're an amazing group of ladies. It is very easy to consider them as family. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Irene M.

"After taking Becky Rogers' "Clutter Busting" class at Parkland College I was motivated to begin the much needed task of organizing several areas of our house. Her class gave me the confidence to donate a ton to local charities that could really use these items instead of cluttering our space. I now realized that I would still have all the memories, even if I didn't have the items. It was wonderful to see these spaces so organized and clutter-free now. Im continuing to organize our house one space at a time and it feels great! I would recommend this class to anyone that needs that extra push to get started organizing."

Melissa, St. Joseph, IL

"WOW, wow - wow - wow - It's a HOME! I'm finally using my whole house!"

Susan, Champaign, IL

She and her staff were patient, gave helpful advise. Very efficient. Brought what they needed. Very personable. Felt more a friendship.

Shelly W.

"At first I was nervous about letting someone I didn't know come into my house and go through my "stuff." Even though I knew I didn't need all that "stuff" it was still my "stuff." Becky was so non-threatening and gentle as we went through everything. Most decisions to keep or pitch or give away were easy. She made a huge job manageable and in only 6 hours or so my horribly messy, disorganized storage room was organized and neat. I love it. It's so freeing. I am now confident and motivated enough to tackle smaller messy and disorganized areas on my own, using her strategies and techniques. My house is more organized than it has been in years and it feels SO GOOD! Thanks Becky!"

Carol, East Peoria

They really helped in explaining the process to help me with organizing my home. Their work truly helped with achieving my goal towards home organization. I am very happy with my decision.

Lisa F.

They are very respectful and aware of what is helpful. Skills necessary to work with different types of clients.

Becky and her team are professional, funny and amazing at teaching skills to get rid of clutter & maintain organization. They are passionate, compassionate, and effective.

Highly recommended. Best decision I ever made was working with them."

Mollie H., Champaign, IL

"Very kind and patient."

Alicia, Springfield, IL

"It was great fun having you and Jessica into the house. You do an awesome job. I am praying that you are able to continue to help others, like you helped me. We really don’t have to live with all of the junk in our lives and you helped me do without any judgement or negativity. Thank you."

Cathy, Tuscola, IL

"...They were professional, friendly, and creative in coming up with storage options... The purging process was difficult, but they were very positive, nonjudgmental and had a great sense of humor. "

Kelly, Champaign, IL

"I knew what I needed to do, but just needed someone like Organize My Clutter to help me...It's amazing how you actually want to put things away when things are organized."

Maria, Farmer City, IL

"I am enjoying the office...My husband is even going through his mail...We will keep it up because now everything has a happy home to go to."

Linda, Decatur, IL

"You helped breathe hope into our home!"

Diane, Champaign

"After my parents both passed away, I inherited my childhood home. I love that house so much – my dad built it himself back in the early 1950s. As long as I’m on this earth, I could never see anyone living there but me. So, I moved “back home.” At the time, I was so sad about my parents being gone, I just couldn’t make myself go through their things. So, I just shoved every piece of furniture, every article of clothing, every picture, vase and knickknack, just everything, down into the already furnished basement. That once-beautiful finished basement was now a warehouse crammed so full of stuff, you couldn’t even enter it much less walk around in it. Then, I went and bought all new furniture and décor for my new life in the house I loved so much. Shortly after that, I moved all of my belongings from the house I’d been living in, innumerable bags and boxes of my past life, into the 3 ½ car garage at my parents’ house. The garage was packed so tight, I could only squeeze one car into it. Everything I owned was now in one place, but every time I went into the garage and every time I went into the basement, I wanted to cry. It was overwhelming. I felt hopeless and helpless. No matter what I was doing, my mess was always lurking there in the back of my mind. But I just didn’t know how or where to begin. So, I gave up and left it that way for about three years.

I’d often watched those TV shows where home organizers go into people’s houses and make everything right. I longed to get on one of those programs. I even wrote a pleading letter to one of them. Unfortunately, those shows only do houses located in California. I figured I was just out of luck. So there I sat, along with my piles and piles of stuff, getting more and more depressed. Finally, one day I decided to Google around and see if something local might turn up in the home organization category. Up at the very top of the search page was “Organize My Clutter”. I clicked on the link, found Becky Rogers’ web site, called the phone number, and we arranged to meet. Becky didn’t blink an eye when she saw the mess I wanted her to tackle. From the moment I met her, Becky’s “can do” attitude gave me hope. Before long, she and her crew showed up at my door, and the rest is history. It took us several weeks to wade through the chaos. But we did it! She made me make decisions on what to keep, what to sell, what to donate – just like on the TV shows. Her crew hauled pieces of furniture and piles of junk out of the basement. They had sections of stuff sorted so it could easily be taken away by family members or the Goodwill. They packed countless items in boxes so I could set up an Ebay store, thoroughly organized in a specific section of my garage. There became a place for everything, and anything that didn’t have a place or purpose went away.

Now, when I go out to the garage, I can get into my car without sucking in my stomach and doing gymnastic maneuvers. When I go down to the basement, I smile and walk around and feel very proud of my home. Probably the most important thing Organize My Clutter did is help me regain my sanity. Becky is better than a therapist – she solves the problem. In addition to having a wonderfully organized home, I now have my happy self back.

If anybody else out there is feeling as I did, living in a space that’s out of control, with a state of mind that’s also out of control, I urge you to check out Organize My Clutter. Your mess can’t be any worse than mine was. What she did for me, she can certainly do for you."

Mary, Springfield, IL

"Becky was amazing. At our first consultation, she approached me with practical tips that made conquering becoming an organized person a goal that was within reach. I learned that it would take time, but like weight loss, there is "grief before relief," and change won't happen overnight. We got into a comfortable routine, and Becky was very skillful at incorporating the kinds of things I wanted to learn into what we were doing. She was patient, non-judgemental, and caring. She had all of the ingredients I needed to assist me in changing habits and patterns I developed throughout my life. I also want to add that her team of assistants we used as needed were as friendly, non-judgemental, and caring as Becky. Even on the days I didn't feel like cleaning and organizing, I found that having a regular routine with Becky kept me on-task and one step closer to my goal.

By the time we finished working on my place, I felt like I was living in a comfortable and functional home...the type I have always read about in Real Simple...but never thought I could achieve. I learned how to stop myself from cluttering my space by knowing where things go. I learned how to stop losing things by creating "homes" for them in the places they belong. I learned that placing hooks in strategic places and adding more trash cans to rooms can do wonders. I even learned how to take better care of my cat in a way that was easier for me. Most importantly, I learned how to choose the things I want to keep, and how to let stuff taking up space go (from clothes that no longer fit or are in season, to that thoughtful gift someone gave me that I won't really use).

Of all of the decisions I have ever made in my life, this is a major one that was worth the time and investment. Becky was always conscious of my budget, and great and helping me buy the things for my place that were essential to maintaining an organized/clutter-free home.

Lastly, I feel that it is important that I identify myself as an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker who chose to seek help from Becky when I was ready to admit that I had a problem. As we were discussing towards the end of our work together, what Becky does is specialize in recovery for those of us on what I now lovingly call the "disorganization spectrum." We range from the "chronically disorganized" to that stigmatized word "hoarder." Whatever the label, I realized that what I was dealing with was "treatable," and the only things getting in my way were negative self-talk and shame.

I am now the type of person who takes pride in my home and doesn't feel like apologizing for the mess when a guest stops by. I even enjoy hosting guests for the weekend. Many of my peers notice the changes I've made and now express interest in working with someone like Becky. I would tell anyone considering giving an organizer a try to give her a call. I couldn't have gotten where I am now without Becky, and would recommend her to anyone looking to listen to her own tagline, and "Make Someday Today."

M., Champaign, IL


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