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Start off with a FREE 20 minute phone assessment with one of our organizers to discuss your problem areas, goals, needs, limitations and expectations. With over a decade of experience, our phone assessments are just as reliable as an on-site consultation. You may or may not be asked to send us photos for specific clarification, but they are not required to schedule your first working appointment.

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customized Services

Whole Home Organizing

  • Kitchens / Closets
  • Bedrooms / Bathrooms
  • Home Office / Work Office
  • Game Rooms / Play Rooms
  • Family Rooms / Living Rooms
  • Craft and Hobby Spaces / Workshops
  • Storage Areas:  Garages / Basements / Attics

Other Services

  • Unpacking
  • Downsizing
  • DeCluttering
  • Home Staging
  • Space Planning
  • Catch-Up Body Doubling
  • Donation Deliveries / Haulers
  • Guest Speaking / Education Seminars

Chronic Disorganization / Hoarding

  • Maintenance Coaching
  • Assist in Downsizing Belongings
  • Arranging Delivery or Pickup of Donation items
  • Arranging Haulers or Dumpsters for large Trash Discards

Specific Needs Organizing

  • Time Management
  • Photos and Memorabilia
  • Financial or Estate Management
  • Paper Files or Digital Filing Management
  • Organizing for Physical or Mental Health Conditions
  • Preparing Home for Addition of Ailing Loved Ones or Aging Parents

Senior Relocations / Corporate Relocations

  • Assist in Downsizing Belongings
  • Arranging Delivery or Pickup of Donation items
  • Arranging Haulers or Dumpsters for large Trash Discards
  • Unpacking and Organizing Belongings in New Home
  • Space Planning for Furniture Arrangement in New Home

Posthumous Services

  • Inventory of Valuable items
  • Sorting out all Household items
  • Packing and Shipping of Heirloom items
  • Shipping or Digitizing of Important Records
  • Arranging Delivery or Pickup of Donation items
  • Arranging Haulers or Dumpsters for Trash Discards

Child in Play Room

If an organizer can travel to your home in 15 minutes or less, you can get one of our organizers for as little as two or three hours. Generally, we prefer 5-hour sessions due to longer travel, so this is a great option for people who need help with smaller projects. Examples would include preparing for guests, clearing a junk room, reorganizing a closet, a nursery, or a kitchen pantry, or just getting started and motivated to do something bigger. Rates are hourly (see pricing) and this can be a good solution for those with a lower budget or for those interested in buying a gift certificate for a friend or loved one.

Woman Unpacking Clothing and Cosmetics

Whether you're Downsizing to move, or just need to DeClutter your home, your purge pal is here as a shoulder to lean on through the tough decisions. We may “push” but we will never “shove. In the end, all final decisions are yours. As added support, we will assist in every way possible to get that clutter out of your house, while making it an enjoyable experience.

Garage with Bikes

If you're feeling overwhelmed & frustrated with years of accumulated clutter and lack of organization in your home, we will help you gain control and kick start your journey into a more organized and peaceful life. We can and have organized every space imaginable. Closets, garages, bedrooms, kitchens, basements, home offices, craft rooms, toy rooms, and more. No space is off the table for our organizers. We can organize one or more or all the spaces in your home. Our solutions will enhance your home and life with practical, and easy to maintain systems.

Woman with Paint Roller

Home Staging is a proven tactic used by realtors to speed up the sale of a home and generally pays for itself by increasing profit. It helps to show off the best features in the home that can draw in a potential buyer by letting them visualize themselves living in their new home. It usually requires decluttering and depersonalizing by packing and storing personal items like pictures and collectibles, and maximizing spaces by rearranging furniture. If necessary, home repairs and/or updates, like a simple coat of paint, can be arranged.

Packed Boxes on Table

We can unpack your items after a move and organize all your belongings in your new home to save you tons of time and energy so you can concentrate on getting back into a normal routine.

Home Office

Whether you're self-employed, run a business from home, or work in a traditional office setting, we can assist your company by creating and implementing practical organizational systems and storage solutions for your files, inventory, or supplies. We can also help improve the workflow, productivity, and efficiency with new streamlined solutions anyone can easily adapt to.

Fountain Pen with Cursive Writing

If you have acquired or inherited family treasures, we can assist you in organizing or downsizing with care. We will help you make the necessary decisions while respecting the legacy of your loved one(s). Items not kept can be donated, auctioned, or discarded at your discretion.

What do you do with your child's artwork and crafts, special homework projects, school photos, and report cards? Do you never seem to find the time to organize family photos, inherited photos, and memorabilia? We can create solutions from simple memory boxes to photo albums to scrapbooks. Show us your collection, and we'll discuss options to provide a valuable and simplified solution.

Stack of Documents

If digital is not your thing and you're buried in mail, bills and other paperwork. We can sort, purge and file all your important papers in a new and simple system that you'll never need to clean out again. Our favorite file system is FreedomFiler® although you are not required to purchase it as part of our service.

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Classroom Presentation

Our speaking engagements last anywhere from 20-90 minutes and can be tailored toward your specific group, club or organization’s requested topic. During this time we can teach basic organizing skills in general or specific terms, discuss the psychology behind chronic disorganization, introduce the pathways to our careers, all while interacting with the group and answering as many questions as possible. We use a laid back method in our presentations encouraging as much interaction as possible to ensure our time together is very valuable and worthwhile for all attendants.

Adult Students

Classes and Seminars can be 2-6 hours in length. They can be split into multiple sessions and/or multiple days or evenings. Various organizing topics are covered using a more structured method than shorter presentations, but we still encourage interaction for a memorable and valuable learning experience.

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Wrapped Gift Certificate

What better gift is there to give someone who doesn't need anything, except TIME? A few hours of Purge-Pal assistance could be just enough to entice them to continue working with us, or even finish the job on their own. Your gift could be all they need to change their lives for the better. It could relieve them of a project they never seem to get to that causes them on-going stress, and it may turn out to be their favorite gift of all.

Some may hesitate to give a gift of organizing services for fear of offending the recipient. However, today's world is full of busy schedules and demands, and never-ending influx of information. We all can easily get backed up and put off what "we can do tomorrow." As a professional organizers, even we would gladly accept help every now and then. This is NOT a service that is only needed by the chronically disorganized. It's one everyone can use to gain peace in their lives. Haven't we all said "there's just not enough time in a day?"

Gift Certificates can be purchased for any amount and applied toward any service. They make an excellent HOUSE-WARMING GIFT for someone moving into a new home, and a great gift for NEWLYWEDS or COUPLES preparing to combine two lives or homes into one. Give one to a HOMEMAKER who can't seem to get to the basement or attic, the BACHELOR who needs to get his pad in order, the PACK-RAT who may never conquer those "hidden" belongings, or the PROCRASTINATOR who continues to avoid the garage.


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