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Rates & Pricing

You have the option of hiring one or two organizers. Two organizers is more efficient and productive than one, giving you "more for your money." While one of us concentrates solely on you and your needs, the second keeps things moving.

The bigger the package, the bigger your savings, so you will want to consider how big the project is.


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Pricing Info

  • *First-session appointments require a $100 deposit at the time of scheduling, which is credited at the first session. In the event of a cancellation, this deposit is non-refundable up to five working days prior to the appointment. The deposit is still applicable if the first session is re-scheduled.
  • The balance due for Package Pricing is expected in full during the first scheduled session, OR at the time of scheduling, otherwise regular hourly rates will apply.
  • Payments can be made by credit card online or in person, by cash, or by check made out to Organize My Clutter.
  • Package hours should be used up within 30 days beginning the day of the first session unless schedule availability prohibits it.
  • Packages are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

We are unable to give estimates, but we have a solution!

Every project has too many variables to give an accurate estimate. The time it will take to finish depends on many things. They include the overall amount of clutter (visible and non-visible,) the amount of open space available for sorting and staging, your personal attachment to various items, your personal ability to make quick decisions, and much more. Although every situation is different, we can assess your needs over the phone, and we may, although rarely, request photos to have a better understanding.

If you are unsure how many hours you need, we recommend starting with a 5-hour session with 2 of our organizers. When we arrive, we will take a tour of the home and briefly discuss what your priority concerns are. Once we agree on an area to begin, we jump in. While working at your pace, we learn more about you, your needs, your sentimental attachments, and your ability to make quick decisions.

By the end of this first session, we will have good insight and can better guess the approximate time we think it will take to accomplish your project goals. At that time you can decide how to proceed. You may opt to purchase a larger package or pay just for that day's session, or you may even opt to work with one organizer instead of two in future sessions. We believe in flexibility and only want to work at a pace that is comfortable for you!

All matters are kept completely confidential and will not be shared without your written consent.

We will help you throughout the entire process, however necessary, and we will work with you in a way that will inspire you to take what you have learned onto other areas in your home and life well beyond our working relationship.

Organize My Clutter is pleased to provide you with professional organizing services. We strive to represent your interests efficiently and professionally and to ensure that you receive effective organizing services at the most reasonable cost possible. Our rates and fees are based on business necessities to maintain our growing company and are subject to change without notice.



10% off Hourly Rates OR 5% off Package Prices are available to:

Seniors aged 65 and older.
Military Personnel and Veterans
Realtors, and *Professional Referrals

*Professional Referrals - This program gives these discounts to New Clients (of any age) Referred by Professionals in the mental health and physical health industries, along with estate lawyers, guardians, trustees, funeral directors, social services, and government emergency officials.

Payment Policy

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Payment is due at the end of each session. Unless you previously purchased a package, or services are being paid by a third party, our work is invoiced at the end of each daily session and payment is expected at that time.

NSF checks are assessed a $35 returned check fee.

Cancellation Policy

Weather-related cancellations will follow the decision of local school districts at no charge.

The $100 deposit collected at the time of scheduling is non-refundable up to five days prior to the appointment. However, it can still be applied toward future work if the cancelled appointment is rescheduled.

Cancellations made under 1 day prior to the appointment, or missed appointments (“no-shows,”) will be assessed a fee of $150.00 plus any travel/mileage fees.

Additional Costs

Your cost of organizing supplies, product purchases, or outside services, are extra at no additional mark-up to you. A shopping fee may or may not be charged based on the time and travel requirements. In the event an outside service is hired for specialized construction, repairs, installations, dumpster rentals, etc., we respectfully request the client pay them directly, rather than through us.

Most jobs require boxes or bins to sort items into categories. If you do not already have these we can provide easy to assemble bankers boxes for $2.00 each. These boxes are suitable for long-term storage in climate controlled areas. We also provide 3 MIL contractor trash bags to use for trash and soft donations. If an excessive number of bags are used we will charge $1.00 each. Other donations are best contained in salvaged boxes that you may or may not already have on hand.

Occasionally, decluttering jobs are simply too big for just the client and our professional organizers to handle. In these cases, we may contract additional help, usually from local young adults or through a temp service. Each additional helper will cost $20 per hour. In the long run, having the additional helpers will save the client money, because they will dramatically cut down our time by assisting in the physical needs of the job, producing much faster results.


Paper Organizing Packages

Affiliate Disclosure:  As an affiliate for FreedomFiler®, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through any of our affiliate links without any extra cost to you. It enables us to keep FreedomFiler® supplies in stock, and to buy an occasional latte. Thanks for your support.

What is FreedomFiler®?

The FreedomFiler® Filing System* is a self-purging / self-maintaining paper filing system. FreedomFiler's color-coded labels represent how long to keep documents. Once you begin using FreedomFiler® you will never again have to take time out of your life for cleaning out or reorganizing files!

Premium Freedom Package

A FreedomFiler® Organizing Consultant will bring a FreedomFiler® Ready-Made System directly to your home and provide up to 4 hours of hands-on one-on-one FF® training, set-up, and customization to meet all your filing needs.

Freedom Training Package

If you already own a FreedomFiler® system (or you can purchase it here) you may opt to hire a FreedomFiler® Organizing Consultant to help you set it up, customize it to your needs, provide hands-on training, and complete the initial filing of all your papers. (Average session is 4 hours.)

freedomfiler® group training

$65.00 Per Person  + $135 Per Ready Made FreedomFiler® System (if needed.)

With OMC's FreedomFiler® Group Training, you can save some money by signing up for a training class with other FreedomFiler® users. If interested, please call us to see when the next class is scheduled. Classes are scheduled based on current demand and require a minimum of 10 participants. Class location is usually in Clinton, IL, but can also vary based on demand. The class takes a minimum of 4 hours and is usually held mid-day with a short lunch break.

guest speaking and presentations

Our speaking engagements and presentations can be tailored toward your specific group, club or organization’s requested topic. During this time we can teach basic organizing skills in general or specific terms, discuss the psychology behind chronic disorganization, introduce the pathways to our careers, all while interacting with the group and answering as many questions as possible. We use a laid back method with little or no technology needs in our presentations, encouraging as much interaction as possible to ensure our time together is very valuable and worthwhile for all attendants.

Your speaker is Becky Rogers, Certified Professional Organizer®, and owner of Organize My Clutter, from Clinton, IL. Since 2008, Becky has worked with hundreds of clients across central Illinois. She has spoken and given presentations for countless groups including various senior groups, travel clubs, church groups, rotary clubs, mops clubs (moms of preschoolers,) libraries, conferences, community education classes, public seminars, and more.

group speaking

Group speaking topics include: 

  • Downsizing and letting go
  • Organizing things, time, and spaces

*Mileage and travel expenses apply. (Please see Service Area & Travel Fees.)

Nonprofit groups up to 40 miles from Clinton, IL:

  • FREE up to 30 minutes
  • $50 up to 60 minutes

Nonprofit groups beyond 40 miles of Clinton, IL:

  • $75 up to 60 minutes
  • $125 up to 90 minutes

Commercial groups and organizations:

  • $125 up to 60 minutes
  • $175 up to 90 minutes.

EDUCATIONal Community Classes and Seminars

Classes and Seminars can take anywhere from 2-6 hours in length, depending on the event's host and the topics to be covered. They can be split into multiple sessions and/or multiple days or evenings. Various organizing topics are covered using a more structured method than shorter presentations, but we still encourage interaction for a memorable and valuable learning experience.

Educational Topics include:

  • Downsizing and letting go
  • Organizing things, time, and spaces
  • Hoarding prevention and cleanup
  • Becoming a professional organizer

Request a Speaker

A Word About Our Rates


    WE DON'T CLEAN HOUSES, WE CHANGE LIVES.  Decluttering and organizing homes can be a difficult and emotional process for most clients, and letting strangers go through your things requires a great deal of trust and confidentiality. We are hired more out of necessity, rather than as a luxury, to help clients improve their daily living and learn how to keep it that way. Hiring a professional organizer is a personal investment.

Not all service providers that claim to be "professional organizers" are trained by the organizing industry's top experts, but we are.!  Because you have chosen to expose your personal belongings and challenges to us, we take it very seriously. We do not judge and are here to help, not just provide a temporary fix. Our organizers are required to have non-judgmental personalities. Each organizer on our team either follows or has individually paid memberships to ICD, NAPO, and other organizations. These associations offer online classes, teleclasses, and conferences, which we often attend, to help us keep up on the wide and complex organizing industry. They also offer specialty certification programs for various types of service.

All this on-going education provides us with invaluable knowledge and allows us to serve you and your needs in the best possible manner. Because we work with both able-bodied and able-challenged clients, who have anywhere from minor disorganization to major hoarding issues, knowing and understanding these challenges is vital to the success of our work. We can help you through various life transitions like moving, a marriage or career change, or the onset of physical injury or illness. We work with ADD/ADHD, aging seniors with or without certain ailments, people in mourning, hoarders, and many other client types.

Even with all this in mind, our pricing is still comparable to other professional organizers in the central Illinois area. Nationwide you will find professional organizers charging as much as $150-300 per hour, per organizer. Our rates have been set based on many factors to be fair to both our business and our market area whom may not be as familiar with what has been a very fast-growing industry. On average, our work is around $50 per hour per organizer and as low as $45 with bulk packaging. Discounts are available to seniors, military, realtors, professional mental and physical health referrals, and social service agencies.

As with any business, we also have expenses including advertising, business liablility insurance, worker's compensation insurance, training, gas/travel, payroll, taxes, supplies, uniforms, occasional protective gear, and more. Regardless of business expenses, we are providing a service that you will receive many long-term benefits from. In many ways our services have been considered a therapeutic life-coaching experience. We will assist you in the physical aspects such as sorting and purging, and coach you through the mental and sometimes emotional decision-making. We will help you analyze and re-think your organizing habits in both your home and in your life.

All matters are kept completely confidential and will not be shared without your written consent. We will help you throughout, however necessary, and work with you in a way that will at the very least inspire you to take what you have learned onto other areas in your home and life well beyond our working relationship.

Thank you for your attention,
Becky Rogers, CPO®
Owner, Organize My Clutter

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Anonymous

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