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Resides in Clinton, IL

Becky serves ALL our central Illinois market areas Monday-Friday

Before starting Organize My Clutter, Becky studied Business Management and Accounting at Eastern Illinois University, and worked over twenty years as an office manager and controller in the automotive industry.

Becky has always had a deep passion for organizing things and making lives easier for others. Whether it was in the office, at home, or while helping friends or family, creating better systems to help simplify things, and problem-solving to save time and energy, were always the kind of challenges Becky was willing to take on.

In 2007, after discovering organizing homes and offices was an actual profession, Becky joined NAPO (The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, founded in 1985.) NAPO is dedicated to develop, educate, lead, and promote professional organizers and the organizing industry. They set the standard for this now legitimate, educated profession.

In 2013, Becky became a Certified Professional Organizer. The CPO® designation was developed by NAPO and is operated under the auspices of the BCPO (The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers.) BCPO follows the accreditation guidelines set forth by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA). "CPOs earn their credential by proving they embody the founding principles, have requisite experience, adhere to the BCPO Code of Ethics, and comprehend the entire Body of Knowledge required to pass the BCPO examination." The CPO® designation is granted only to those meeting these extensive eligibility and testing requirements and proving a strong continued commitment to ethics and education in the organizing industry. Recertification is required every three (3) years by earning 45 or more eligible Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

As of January, 2020, there are approximately 350 CPOs world-wide: 315 in the United States, and 14 in the state of Illinois. Becky is 1 of 2 Certified Professional Organizers south of the Chicago-land area in the State of Illinois, with the other residing in Macomb, IL. 

Becky is also a loyal subscriber to ICD (The Institute for Challenging Disorganization) from where she has received her Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization and Certificate of Study in Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client. ICD provides education and resources to professionals and the public about the psychology and treatment for Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding.

Over the years, Becky has worked with hundreds of clients across central Illinois. They include professionals of all types, stay-at-home moms and dads, entrepreneurs, seniors, physically or mentally disabled, and hoarders.  She has also spoken and given presentations for groups including various senior groups and clubs, travel clubs, church groups, rotary clubs, mops clubs (moms of preschoolers,) libraries, community education classes (at community colleges,) public seminars, and more.

“... Others have claimed that organizing always seemed to be a natural for me, but I credit my organizing skills to my upbringing. I grew up with a father who instilled work ethic and common sense thinking, while my mother instilled empathy and creativity. Together, these traits have allowed me to connect with clients on a personable level and they have enabled me to teach techniques in a way that is easy to understand and follow.”

Becky Rogers, CPO®

Breanna Lane

Jr. Apprentice Organizer

Joined us in October 2019

Bree resides in Clinton, IL. She assists our owner, Becky Rogers, serving ALL our central Illinois market areas, Monday-Friday.

Bree is a member of The Institute for Challenging Disorganization.  With a deep interest in psychology and human behavior, she aspires to specialize in chronic disorganization and hoarding.

Bree is exceptionally hard-working, authentic, and surprisingly wise beyond her years. Her life-experiences have helped her relate to our clients on many different levels.

You are bound to feel renewed after a session with Bree!


donna bartels

Phones & Scheduling

Joined us in March 2021

Donna helps us by answering your calls. She can answer most of your questions, and schedule your sessions, while the organizers are working in the field.

A Boston, MA native, her accent is a delight, but it is her true empathy for lending an ear to our callers that conveys her heart of gold.


Kerri ortiz

Relocations Agent

Joined us in January 2019
Associate's degree in Business Administration

Available Monday – Saturday

Kerri handles our relocation service communications and scheduling with our relocating clients, and with nation-wide relocation companies. She also provides on-site relocation services in and around the Decatur, IL area, along with other team members, by helping transferees downsize before moving, or unpacking after moving into their new home.

Kerri aims to please and will do whatever she can to fulfill any relocation service request, whether it is a short-notice unpacking job, or helping to find charities or haulers while downsizing a home.


Michelle Petty


Champaign-Urbana, IL

Joined us in May 2018
Bachelor's in Biology and Chemistry
Certifications from American Society of Metallurgical Engineers and Illinois Boiler Operators

Available Monday-Friday

Michelle has a genuine desire to help others, and will be honored to help you.

You will enjoy her pleasant demeanor, appreciate her sincere empathy, and be amazed by her exceptional problem-solving and organizing skills.



Heather Miller


Springfield, IL

Joined us in August 2019

Available week-nights and week-ends upon request, in the Springfield area only.

This is Heather's moonlighting job, and she is a great addition to our team in helping Springfield area clients who are unable to work with us during regular work hours on weekdays. She normally works 1-Organizer packages with clients due to her availability, and is willing to split a package into multiple sessions.

Heather has a delightful personality and top-notch organizational skills. You will feel like you are working with an old friend, and will not be disappointed.



Allison Hooper

Allison Hooper


Lexington, IL

Joined us in January 2019
Master of Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Allison resides in Lexington, IL and is available to work in and near the Bloomington-Normal and Pontiac areas, upon request only. 

This is Allison's moonlighting job, and we are grateful to have her on our team. Her availability is limited due to inconsistent hours doing Occupational Therapy, but she is anxious and willing to organize whenever she can! Just request her service by name and we will do what we can to coordinate scheduling.

Allison is endearing to everyone who meets her and she has a deep passion for organizing. You cannot help but take delight in her presence and commitment to helping others. 



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