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Refer to the images below to rate your level of clutter in the contact form or when calling us. These images, from the International OCD Foundation, help to describe various levels of clutter.  Rate your clutter anywhere between 1 - 9 to most accurately reflect the amount of clutter in your rooms.

For additional images, see this PDF:  Clutter Image Rating Scale


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We serve most Central Illinois areas including:

  • Bloomington / Normal
  • Champaign / Urbana
  • Decatur / Forsyth / Mt. Zion
  • Springfield / Lincoln
  • East Peoria / Peoria

Service Areas & Travel Fees

We employ organizers who live in or near Clinton, IL, and work in Bloomington, Champaign, Clinton, Decatur, Peoria, Springfield, and their surrounding areas in central Illinois.

All packages include one-way travel up to 50 miles and one hour of drive time.

If you live over 50 miles from the organizer(s), there is a $2 fee per mile (one-way.) If you live within 50 miles of the organizer(s) you will not be charged any additional mileage fees.

If you live more than one hour from the organizer(s), the additional drive time will be added to your invoice at the hourly rate. If you live within one hour of the organizer(s) you will not be charged for any additional time.

Distances beyond our typical service areas will require a minimum pre-paid package of 15 hours for 2 organizers and additional expenses for travel and hotel accommodations.



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